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A Creator Who Inspired Me - Peter Mckinnon

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

A Youtube creator/ Photographer / Videographer who helps inspire people to create

It was 2017, it was the first time I had picked up a camera in quite a while. Before this, I had sold my camera and taken on the 9-5 schedule for a "normal" job. This was to keep a roof over my head and take care of my child. So as I wanted to get better at taking better photos, I came across this YouTube influencer Peter Mckinnon.

It was a single video. only two minutes long or so. Titled 8 Camera Hacks in 90 seconds. That is when I fell into the Peter Mckinnon rabbit hole and was hooked! He was teaching me things I knew nothing about and helping me get back into my groove of taking photos and showing the world how I see it in my eyes.

( To watch this video follow the link below)

Now I watch his content, looking to learn something new or see 2022, and I continue to watch his content looking to learn something new or see the next chapter in his journey as a professional content creator. Not only has he inspired me to be a better photographer. He also challenged me to test my videographer skills and start my own Podcast / Youtube channel.

Peter, I don't know if you will ever read this. I know we never met but thank you for all your inspiration.

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